What is Tiramisu and what it means

Tiramisu proves attractive in the culinary world. It is not strange, but to know all Tiramisu disability is not everyone is confident. Don’t worry, I’ll help you understand Tiramisu in this article.

Referring to Italy, people will remember the fashion capital, the catwalks of famous stars and countless delicacies. Not only Pizza, Pasta, Italy also delicious Tiramisu causing many people to miss. Tiramisu was voted as one of the most favorite desserts on the menu at cafes, bakeries, restaurants,… Coming here, have you envisioned what Tiramisu is?

tiramisu nguon goc tu y

This is a famous snack in Italy. With a soothing sweetness, a bit of hearty aroma of well-prepared and greasy yellow wine, Tiramisu quickly becomes a dessert that makes diners happy when eating.

In Italian, Tiramisu means “pick up me – take me away”, symbolizing love. Tiramisu is a famous snack in Italy. Tiramisu is considered an extremely romantic dessert because it has a mild sweetness, adding a hint of aroma of carefully brewed wine.

This cake is a harmonious combination of eggs, cheese, cream, coffee, cocoa and Rhum wine. Because the diversity in ingredients has created a special flavor for Tiramisu. Tiramisu is popular not only with diners from all over the world, but also as a “paradise in your mouth” by culinary experts.

For those who love cuisine, especially Italian cuisine, you will know Tiramisu. But the question Tiramisu originated from, why do people make such a delicious cake, the question remains open.

tiramisu mon trang mieng

People still believe that is the origin for this cake. It is said that, when the First World War happened, an Italian woman devoted herself to making Tiramisu cake for her loved one as the boy prepared to go to battle.

With the name “Tiramisu – take me away” which implies a beautiful love, this story has received positive feedback from everyone. Up to now, many people have used Tiramisu to confess their feelings to their loved ones.