The taste of Muslims

Because Muslims have very complicated and strict rules, eating is very strict. Muslims abstain from pork, flying birds, animals that live on land and live in the water. Before slaughtering animals, many people in religion pray that Muslims do not eat meat when they die before slaughter but have not been prayed for them.

Muslims do not drink alcohol or beer. The diversity and abundance in the humid culture of Muslim countries is clearly expressed in the two cultures of Malaysia and Indonesia. Malaysia is the intersection of many of the world’s top culinary backgrounds. Each ethnic group, each religion gives Malaysian culinary arts a unique color flavor from which to blend together. They create extremely special and varied traditional dishes in both color and flavor. taste and processing.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ẩm thực hồi giáo

The most famous in Malaysia is the Satay dish sold at any small restaurant or restaurant in the country. Satay is a light meal, the main ingredients are beef, chicken seasoned with special characteristics, curled into bamboo sticks or bamboo and baked.

Satay sticks after being baked in yellow color, sparkling on the banana leaf boats, look very rustic but also very eye-catching. Satay dishes are used as appetizers for meals, if you eat a lot, you can also become a main course. Satay is suitable for sweets, because meat is marinated very sweet.

Indonesia is a country with a rich culture with the presence of many religions as well as long-standing traditions. This has contributed to making Indonesia’s cuisine diverse and rich. Indonesia is famous for its many unique spices.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ẩm thực hồi giáo

The variety of Indonesian cuisine is not only in the way of cooking but also in the way of enjoying food. Spices are one of the most important elements in food preparation, which can even contribute to creating new dishes with distinctive flavors. Besides the typical spices of Indonesia such as cloves, nutmeg shell, peanut oil …

At every meal of the people of Java Island – where most of the Muslim population, accounting for more than half of Indonesia’s population, the most popular food is vegetables, then beef and chicken.