The best foods for weight loss on the planet (part 2)


In terms of serious hunger-fighting powers: pears come in at only 102 calories per pop, but a single piece of pears includes up to 6 grams of filling fiber, which can keep your stomach from growling between meals.


It doesn’t matter what kind of beans you eat, from green to black, kidney, or navy beans. One study showed that having just 3/4 cup per day of any variety can help you shed some pounds. Moreover, it’s an easy way to up your protein intake, which helps you hold strong against fast food cravings.


If you haven’t used the mushroom regularly yet, now is the time. Researchers discovered that portobellos can help you lose weight thanks to their ability to regulate blood sugar and balance hormones. They also concluded the fungus that might help you exercise for longer periods of time, so use mushroom as vegetarian-friendly burger base or add into a tasty breakfast frittata.


A study published in PLOS Medicine found that grapes can aid in shedding unwanted pounds and always have some on hand could be great for your weight loss goals. If you are trying to resist a calorie-heavy dessert, try tossing a bunch of grapes into the freezer so you can pop a few whenever you are craving something sweet.


An apple per day may not always keep the doctor away, but they can help you keep unwanted pounds at bay. Researchers found that adding three apples into your daily diet plan can result in weight loss due to all that added fiber. Consumer Reports found that most people don’t get enough of the daily nutrient, therefore consider this an easy way to up your tally.

Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes often get a bad rap, but in terms of weight loss, they are hard-to-beat sources of scale-dropping fiber. The Cleveland Clinic confirmed that sweet potatoes will up the insoluble fiber in your daily diet, keep you full longer, and you can eat one for just 114 calories.