Korean cuisine – the crystallization of long-standing culture

Korea is famous for its rich cuisine with extremely delicate dishes. We can feel this very clearly through the article on Korean cuisine below. Let’s find out.

In the midst of the fast-paced development of society, Korean culinary culture always has its own characteristics that do not overlap. As a result, Korea hoarded endless resources. South Korea is a temperate region, where people cultivate seasonal crops such as beans, seeds, vegetables, especially as well as seafood.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ẩm thực hàn quốc

Dishes must be completed to be served on the table, rice and soup must be placed first, sauces and other dishes must be placed in the middle. Cold dishes and vegetables are on the left, chopsticks on the right side of the table.

A regular Korean family meal provides all the necessary nutrients for a day of living and working. Koreans often use a lot of spices when preparing food, according to them, the more spicy a dish, the more bold it is national traditional cuisine.

Referring to Korea, people immediately think of kimchi, kimchi appears on every Korean table. Although there are hundreds of different types of kimchi, most of them have a strong and spicy aroma.

Kimchi is listed in the list of “5 healthiest foods” according to American Health Magazine because of many health support effects. In 2013, Korean kimchi salt culture was recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

It can be said that Korean cuisine is one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. Koreans have a variety of recipes with unique processing methods, creating a rich sense of taste for people to enjoy. The main reason is because Korea has a profound oriental philosophical culture.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ẩm thực hàn quốc

People also have the concept of 4 seasons, on the yin and yang harmony. Therefore, they believe that each season should use separate cooking materials, suitable for each season to bring the most delicious food and ensure human health.

The most pleasant season of the year, along with the season of Korea’s most bustling festival. Mid-Autumn Festival – Chuseok, a big and very important Tet festival for Koreans, celebrates a bumper crop when fruits and grains are plentiful.

People use rice to make cakes and wine to make offerings to their ancestors. Shrimp, fish with dotted bait, shiitake mushrooms, persimmons … are foods with the typical autumn identity of the Republic of Korea.

Eating seafood can cause weight gain

Most people now know that seafood is a high-nutrition food product, but they do not fully understand what is contained in seafood, and this lack of knowledge has led many people to have a wrong opinion. Mistakes about using and consuming seafood.
In fact, seafood is a food rich in protein, calcium, omega-3, iron, vitamins and low saturated fat content.

These nutrients make you feel full without consuming too much food. Therefore, it is wrong to eat seafood to gain weight, even seafood is one of the effective weight loss foods that are often included in safe weight loss menus.

However, it is not so that you can eat seafood without worrying about its effects, because seafood does not cause weight gain, but the processing is one of the causes of this situation. . Specifically, if you want to eat seafood to lose weight, eat simple processed seafood dishes such as boiled, steamed. Eating seafood is an effective way to lose weight.

Shrimp provide plenty of calcium which is very good for preventing osteoarthritis diseases for fat people. At the same time, shrimp contain a lot of protein and unsaturated fat, quickly giving you a feeling of fullness without eating too much.
Some recommended shrimp dishes such as steamed shrimp, shrimp salad, …

Mackerel is one of the most effective foods for weight loss that most nutrition experts recommend. Mackerel contains many substances that support the body’s fat burning process, giving you a healthy, balanced body. Mackerel is recommended for low-salt dishes such as grilled mackerel, grilled mackerel.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hải sản

Oysters, mussels, clams, clams belong to the mollusks group, live on the coast, this seafood provides sufficient protein for the body to help maintain activity in the long run. At the same time they contain more iron and selenium, these are substances that help boost the metabolism, helping the body to burn more calories than usual.

You should not miss these dishes when coming to Singapore

Chili crab – Chilli crab sauce is considered the most famous Singaporean food. Crabs are in tomato sauce, peppers and eggs … You can easily find this chili sauce at any seafood store in Singapore. There is a place that’s you should visit to enjoy the chill crab dining area. It is opposite Mayflower High School, near Ang Mo Kio MRT Station. Surely the taste of this sauce will make you to miss it so much after eating.

Chicken rice was imported from Hai Nam Island (China) but it quickly captured the hearts of the people here. It became an indispensable national dish when it is said to 10 unforgettable dishes when coming to Singapore. The rice is very delicious and aromatic. It is made from the water that used to boil the chicken. Then they eat this rice along with chicken pieces that are sliced ​​thinly. There are many visitors that have enjoyed it. they feel very excited and enjoy this food.

Laksa is a special food of the Peranakan (a group of Chinese who settled at the seaside of Malacca). It is a unique feature of Singaporean cuisine. Laksa is a blend of pasta and seafood such as shrimp, squid, fish in coconut milk and spicy fat. You should go to the Katong Food Center to enjoy this dish because it is famous for making Singapore’s finest Laksa.

Singapore frog soup is a delicious food that’s once remembered forever in here. Porridge is cooked in earthen pot with characteristic aroma of frog meat and slightly hot spicy chillies and fresh peppers.

Frog porridge is delicious, easy to eat, suitable for both the elderly and young. Moreover it is very good for health and is nutritious food. Especially the frog meat is only processed when the customer to eat so very fresh and guaranteed. Come to the famous Geylang area to enjoy this.