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  • The unique Japanese cuisine culture

    Apr 26, 19 • 75 Views • JapanComments Off on The unique Japanese cuisine culture

    Japanese cuisine is the most famous in the world because of the fussy manner in processing and decorating each dish, the taste of Japanese food is usually elegant, gentle. It is suitable to the natural atmosphere of each season, bearing boldness own identity....

  • Features of Chinese Cuisine

    Apr 11, 19 • 145 Views • My BlogComments Off on Features of Chinese Cuisine

    China is the most populous country in the world, along with the vastness and diversity of products and climate, leading to a clear difference between food culture regions. Therefore, the cuisine of China is extremely diverse and unique but still has its own...

  • Discover American culinary culture

    Feb 22, 19 • 97 Views • AMERICAN/CANADIANComments Off on Discover American culinary culture

    Before traveling to a country, apart from the legal regulations, customs and famous tourist sites, food culture is also a thing that attracts tourists’ attention. The United States is a country with diverse ethnic and cultural colors. Cuisine also...