5 unimaginable facts about KFC that you didn’t know!

KFC stands for “Kentucky Fried Chicken” – one of the most famous brands in the US fast-food chain. Given the share of the fast-food fried chicken market, the KFC restaurant chain is a fairly popular destination in any town or city.

However, restaurant chains are not as simple as you think. Here are 5 bare facts about KFC that you probably can’t imagine.

1. They fiercely protect the recipe.

KFC maintains the use of a mixture of 11 herbs and spices, which have appeared in their ads for some time. The BuzzFeed.com website thinks that the recipe is handwritten with the exact name and quantity of each spice and is carefully locked in a restaurant in a chain of restaurants in Louisville, Kentucky.

2. KFC parent company owns many famous subsidiaries.

KFC now owns the YUM! They also run and have owned Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s, A&W, WingStriet and Pizza Hut. The whole “family” can unite a fast-food alliance.

3. In China their brand is considered weird.

KFC is one of the first fast food restaurant chains to enter the Asian market. Their slogan was once “Finger-licking good” meaning enjoying the delicious taste on each finger, this slogan was changed in 2011. According to the BuzzFeed newspaper, KFC did not convey the correct slogan. That to China. That slogan has been completely misinterpreted when introduced into China, from “Finger-licking good” to “Eat your finger off”.

4. Rumor has it that KFC stems from the idea of ​​founder Wendy’s.

Rumors and scams always exist and exist in the world of fast food restaurants. There is a rumor that Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas once created a KFC chain and designed its famous fried chicken boxes.

5. The founder of KFC is actually a troublemaker.

Harland David Sanders, the founder of KFC, certainly was not born into a well-off, happy family. He left home when he was 13 because he couldn’t get along with his stepfather, and he lied about his real age to join the US military at the age of 16. He was also fired twice for causing fighting, fighting, once when he was working as a railroad worker and fighting with his colleagues, another time as a lawyer arguing with his client in court.