Top 10 most famous culinary websites in the world

Looking for a place to host a weekend party? Or simply want to make a private intimate party for your family?

Join us in participating in the world’s leading culinary community through famous websites, surely, you will learn a lot of new culinary things through the websites we are about to introduce below.

1. Tasty

Tasty page on Facebook is currently known by many people with millions of likes and get attention on social networking communities around the world.

Tasty cooking videos are very detailed, making many people fascinated. If you are a baker, this is a great site. You will have eye-catching cupcakes just by watching the video with all the recipes and how to do it.

Not only that, Tasty also has cooking instructions for vegetarians, dieters and children (Tasty Vegetarian, Tasty Junior, …). In addition, Tasty also has a Tasty shop website that sells interesting recipes books for food enthusiasts.

2. Delicious

Delicious is the leading culinary information site in Australia in particular and the world in general.

At Delicious, you can find daily culinary information, restaurant reviews, recipes, drinks, travel, style and more from Australia’s first-class brand.

With the motto “Food is life”, Delicious brings you a rich source of cuisine, good for health, … surely, you will love this website. Also, Delicious providing information about famous restaurants in the world. When you follow this website, you will find it extremely interesting and want to enjoy delicious food at the restaurant that is provided with information on the website.

3. is a world-famous website that converges thousands of recipes in detail.

If you are a food enthusiast, you can search for recipes you like on, save them and make a cookbook. If you want to cook for the whole family with unique and fancy dishes, will help you bring a little joy to the family.

Here, in addition to detailed recipes, you are also provided with a very lively cooking teaching video. Sign up for an account on to join the culinary world.

4. BBC Food

BBC is a worldwide famous website in many fields. So, BBC Food since its inception has received much attention from people all over the world.

BBC Food brings you recipes from BBC programs. Cooking methods, recipes are taught through videos to help you learn how to cook. BBC Food helps you cook and share your success in the kitchen. The BBC is ready to open the Facebook wall so you can share pictures, questions and advice for them.

Chantel Dartnall Named Best Chef in the World

The yearly Best Chef Awards ceremony is held every year in Poland, and last year it was the South African chef that was named the world’s best. Chantel Dartnall is also the owner of a world-class restaurant in Tshwane called Mosaic.

Chef Darnell has also won the South African Chef of the Year contest while her restaurant is often mentioned amongst the top eateries of the world. Her training took place at several Michelin restaurants in the UK, and from her experience, she creates unique menus and dishes perfect for individuals that love fine dining. The restaurant called Mosaic has earned many international food awards, which includes the Diners Club World’s 50 Best Restaurants award.

World-Class Cuisine in South Africa

Dartnall is one of three females’ part of the top 50 chefs in the world, the only South African in the overall Best 100 Chefs in the world and she is honoured to be recognised for her world-class cuisine. Mosaic Restaurant also has one of the most talented when it comes to its cellar, as the Cellar Master, Moses Magwaza won the 2017 Eat Out Wine Service Award.

Shared Recipes by Chantel Dartnall

Dartnall wants to share her passion for cuisine with the world and has placed several free recipes on the restaurant’s website. Here are just some of the dishes you could now enjoy at home:
• Sea Mist: Langoustine Bisque and Seared Scallops
• Pomelo Salad Served with Crab Mousse
• Apple, Cinnamon and Ginger Tea

Fine Dining a perfect Visual & Taste Combination

Mosaic opened in 2006 won its first award in 2014, since the RASA Rosetta Awards it has been named as the best by many magazines and the interior reveals Darnall’s passion for Parisian Belle Epoque restaurants.

By employing local men and women, Mosaic Restaurant is focussed on uplifting the community, training them and giving them confidence. Before being part of the Mosaic team, none of the front of house or kitchen staff had any training or work experience in the restaurant industry, and now they part of a world-class eatery.

Situated in the Orient Boutique Hotel, visitors can look forward to food as unexpected as spectacular as a Moorish-inspired palace that allows guest to escape to a time when nothing could distract from the beauty and wonder of nature.

One of the things visitors most appreciate of the restaurant apart from the outstanding service is the passion and design that goes into every dish. Several wine-tasting events take place yearly, and a monthly newsletter keeps all Mosaic food slaves up to date with the new items added to the menu.

The wine cellar is stocked with the best wines from around the world as well as some exclusive bottles from South Africa’s best wine farms. Mosaic is based in the Orient Hotel, it is a hotel, unlike any other and one that offers Arabian Nights in the warm Gauteng countryside.