Attendance of 3 foods that are good for the liver

Using liver foods is the easiest way to keep the liver in its perfect state.

Through the article below, we will suggest 3 types of liver foods that you can easily find in your home or any supermarket or convenience store.

1. Coffee

Coffee is considered one of the liver’s best foods. Studies have shown that drinking coffee protects the liver from disease, even in people who already have problems with this organ. For example, coffee can:

  • Reduces the risk of cirrhosis, fatty liver or permanent liver damage in people with chronic liver disease
  • Reducing the rate of developing liver cancer, while making a positive impact on liver disease as well as hepatitis
  • Reduced risk of death in people with chronic hepatitis

These benefits come from the ability to prevent fat and collagen accumulation in the liver, a warning sign of problems with the liver.

Coffee also works to reduce inflammation and increase the content of glutathione (antioxidants) in the body significantly. Antioxidants are responsible for neutralizing harmful free radicals produced naturally in the body and causing damage to cells.

2. Tea

The habit of drinking tea brings countless health benefits to our bodies, especially the internal organs. Many scientific evidence has shown that besides coffee, tea is also a good food for the liver.

A major study in Japan has published that drinking 5–10 cups of green tea daily improves blood markers related to liver health. In addition, people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) drinking green tea for 12 weeks will improve liver enzyme levels thanks to the rich antioxidants from this food. At the same time, green tea helps handle the oxidation as well as fat build up in the liver.

On the other hand, according to statisticians, the risk of liver cancer in tea drinkers is significantly lower than those who do not. Moreover, besides green tea, red tea also has the ability to improve the concentration of enzymes and fat in the liver.

However, some people, especially those with liver problems, should be cautious before using supplements containing green tea extract because there have been some reports of liver damage caused by taking supplements.

3. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a good source of natural antioxidants, grapefruit is classified as a good food for the liver. The two most active antioxidants found in this fruit are naringenin and naringin. They all work to protect the liver from damage from free radicals. Naringenin has the ability to reduce the amount of fat in the liver and increase the number of enzymes needed to burn fat, helping to prevent fat accumulation. Meanwhile, naringin has been shown to improve alcohol metabolism and counteract some of the negative effects of alcohol on the liver.