British cuisine – one of the most famous culinary cultures in the world

When talking about the cuisine of other countries, although the name of British cuisine is not classified as sophisticated cuisine such as Italian, French or Spanish … but this is still a cuisine that many people know and have the ability to photograph.

No small influence to culinary countries. Enjoy British food, especially traditional ones, you will feel the simplicity, and it is this simplicity that helps preserve the full flavor of the raw material.


Enjoying fat is one of the first feelings or associations when talking about British cuisine. Traditional British foods are mostly fat or focus on fat. He is considered to be the producing and favorite cheese country in the world. British cuisine often uses cheese ingredients.

There are three main types of cheese, red cheese, white cheese and blue cheese. Depending on the main dish or main ingredient, there is a way to combine it with different types of cheese.

Sunday roast is the most famous traditional dish of British cuisine, often used at noon or Sunday evening at home, in pub or restaurant. This dish has a fairly simple way of processing, mainly combining many different ingredients.


In addition to sunday roast, grilled beef is also a traditional British cuisine loved by many people. Roast beef also known as red meat is a main dish. Beef grilled in the oven is usually not cooked, but only at a moderate level, a little pale inside. Depending on the taste of each person, you can choose the rate of ripening different.

According to the old British view, fresh meat could retain the nutrients inherent in the meat. Therefore, they rarely eat overcooked meat. Today, this traditional dish has had a number of modifications, grilled beef is served with sandwiches.

Fish and chips are a familiar dish in English cuisine that many people love. The position of this dish for the British is similar to the hamburger for Americans. The dish is not picky but very simple, as the name implies only fish and chips.

In addition to the two main ingredients, fish and chips can also have mushrooms. To enhance the flavor, when eating fish and chips, the British often add a little vinegar.

Bubble and squeak was born when the British had the idea to take advantage of leftover vegetables in previous meals. Similar to fish and chips, the bubble and squeak dish also has an extremely simple ingredient of vegetables, mainly cabbage and potatoes.