The Eating Habits Of Two Best Tennis Players In The World

Food affects our performance, whether in sports, business, or daily life. There are some eating habits of two amongst the best tennis players in the world. We can take away and apply their eating experience to our own lives.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is regarded as the greatest tennis player of all time. He has won a record 20 Grand Slam men’s singles titles and has been ranked #1 in the world for 310 weeks during his career (including 237 consecutive weeks at one point).

Federer begins his day with homemade waffles with raspberry syrup, along with some cereal. He washes it down with a shot of vinegar, coffee, and freshly squeezed juice.

Two hours before every match, he eats pasta with light sauce, which created a routine that he has followed for 20 years.

For dinner, it is various for Federer. He loves Italian, Japanese, and Indian cuisines.

But Federer doesn’t take his diet too seriously. He lives a healthy lifestyle, but enjoys a range of foods and sees eating as part of life’s pleasure.

He has confessed to liking ice cream and chocolate, as well as wine and champagne — and he doesn’t feel guilty about it. And when he’s not playing tennis, he splurges on biscuits, fondue, and daily desserts.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is one of the most accomplished athletes of all time, winning 39 career Grand Slam tennis titles (23 singles, 14 doubles, 2 mixed doubles). She has been #1 in the world for 319 weeks since first achieving that ranking in 2002. She is considered by many to be the greatest female athlete ever.

During the tennis season, a typical day of eating for Serena will include a cup of oats for breakfast with strawberries, tangerines, and almond butter on top.

For lunch, she will have a salad with lettuce, spinach, mandarin oranges, cherry tomatoes, lime juice, onions, pita croutons, and sliced almonds.

She will add in some snacks throughout the day, such as a toasted Ezekiel bread sandwich with almond butter, and a beverage made of lemon juice, matcha green tea, and cinnamon.

For dinner, Serena will have a cup of brown rice with hemp and chia seeds, along with a salad with fresh veggies.

The best foods for weight loss on the planet (part 2)


In terms of serious hunger-fighting powers: pears come in at only 102 calories per pop, but a single piece of pears includes up to 6 grams of filling fiber, which can keep your stomach from growling between meals.


It doesn’t matter what kind of beans you eat, from green to black, kidney, or navy beans. One study showed that having just 3/4 cup per day of any variety can help you shed some pounds. Moreover, it’s an easy way to up your protein intake, which helps you hold strong against fast food cravings.


If you haven’t used the mushroom regularly yet, now is the time. Researchers discovered that portobellos can help you lose weight thanks to their ability to regulate blood sugar and balance hormones. They also concluded the fungus that might help you exercise for longer periods of time, so use mushroom as vegetarian-friendly burger base or add into a tasty breakfast frittata.


A study published in PLOS Medicine found that grapes can aid in shedding unwanted pounds and always have some on hand could be great for your weight loss goals. If you are trying to resist a calorie-heavy dessert, try tossing a bunch of grapes into the freezer so you can pop a few whenever you are craving something sweet.


An apple per day may not always keep the doctor away, but they can help you keep unwanted pounds at bay. Researchers found that adding three apples into your daily diet plan can result in weight loss due to all that added fiber. Consumer Reports found that most people don’t get enough of the daily nutrient, therefore consider this an easy way to up your tally.

Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes often get a bad rap, but in terms of weight loss, they are hard-to-beat sources of scale-dropping fiber. The Cleveland Clinic confirmed that sweet potatoes will up the insoluble fiber in your daily diet, keep you full longer, and you can eat one for just 114 calories.

The best foods for weight loss on the planet (part 1)

In terms of healthy eating and weight loss, these following options of foods can keep you full straight through your usual afternoon snack and help you prevent cravings.


If you want to eat for weight loss, fiber is the top nutrient that must be included in your menu. One of the simplest ways to do that is by fulfilling your plate with broccoli, which contains 16 grams of fiber per bunch. If you don’t like eating it solo, try sneaking it into the dishes that you already love.


A study by Harvard Medical School found that you can prevent weight gain by taking more flavonoid-rich fruits, such as strawberries, which also taste very delicious.


Eating some cucumber as a daily snack can make you feel full, therefore make you likely not to eat more foods, which might make the number on the scale creep up.  This fruit is low in calories (about 16 per cup when sliced), contain hearty fiber in the peel, and is loaded with a lot of water.


If you want to lose weight, all you need is one serving of lentils per day due to their high protein content that can combat hunger and nix cravings.


Like strawberries, blueberries can help prevent weight gain thanks to their high levels of anthocyanins. Make them the base of a delicious weight loss smoothie or add them in your overnight oats.


Oatmeal, the high-fiber grain, is an ideal morning dish for those trying to lose a few pounds. In order to cut down on excess calories, instead of using the instant flavored packets make your oats with water, and then add a cup of milk once you are ready to eat.


If you don’t use too much, which can be calorie overload, nuts can be super beneficial in your attempt to lose weight. Studies found that those who got protein from nuts rather than animal products had less weight gain. So consider using snack on almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, or walnuts.

Singaporean rice is attractive by what

It is flawed if you travel to Singapore without forgetting to enjoy this famous dish. A small pot of pretty steaming rice with a sizzling sound like a harmony between sound and taste.

There are many different flavors of Singapore claypot for you to choose from. What makes the attraction of these pots? Perhaps the most important point is the fried rice, with more meat and lots of hot sauce. And special dishes bearing bold characteristics of the island nation lion.

cơm niêu Singapore

For those who want to eat crunchy, you should enjoy 2-sided burnt rice, with one side at the bottom of the pot and one side on the hot and delicious, nursery yellow, crispy tan.

There are two types of Singapore claypot rice: Black Pepper Beef Claypot Rice and Chinese pork porridge. Beef with black pepper sauce is soft, does not get chewy and smells of pepper.

Rice grain is elongated, specially imported, so it has enough fleshyness, bringing a crispy layer of yellow tan. In addition, the highlight of the rice cooker is keeping the heat long enough to make the food in the pot always the best.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Cơm niêu Singapore

This is one of the first pot restaurants in Paris that are known for tourists with the right rice cooker in Singapore. The restaurant serves main rice dishes: Singapore chili sauce, beef with mushroom sauce, chicken curry with chilli curry sauce, shrimp with black pepper sauce.

When the rice cooker is carried out, you will enjoy the attractive sizzle, and hurry to stir the rice so that the sauce and the rice are mixed perfectly. You are spoiled for choice between grilled beef rice, grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce, BBQ sauce, beef with black pepper sauce, … with one side burning or two sides burning. A set of boiled rice also has a bowl of hot soup and kimchi, strange and sour.

Ecstatic taste sweet French Crepe cake

Cuisine is always something that attracts and entices us. It is not just a dish, but it is also a culture, a feature and a long story behind it. When traveling to France, you will have countless discoveries and culinary discoveries which is the most interesting and fascinating journey.

Among countless dishes from modern, luxurious to popular street, the French Crepe is an exclusive dish that only comes to France. France is considered the first homeland of Crepe cakes.

Hundreds of years ago, most of European countries lived mainly on wheat cultivation. The vast wheat fields are similar to the rice fields in Asian countries. This makes most of the Western cakes, especially the Crepe, are made from wheat flour.

bánh crepe 3

The deliciousness and appeal of the Crepe cakes gradually spread and developed throughout Europe. Today with the integration and development, the Crepe cake also has many changes compared to the beginning. They are modified more ingredients but the crust always retains the tradition.

If a Crepe is an art, the chef who makes the cakes is a talented artist. The requirement of a delicious and standard Crepe cake is the soft texture. Cake surface must still be soft, smooth and especially remove the cake must be very thin. In order to do this besides perfect dough quality, the cook’s hands and the dough are nearly the most important factor.

Bánh crepe 1

Besides the crust, what makes Crepe attractive is the filling. Today’s bread is divided into 2 main types of bread cakes: salty and sweet. When traveling to France we can find Crepe cakes that are everywhere.

When eating sweet crepe cake, people often eat with honey water, chocolate liquid or an ice cream to increase the aroma of the cake. If you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful country of France, do not forget to add the name of the French Crepe cake as one of the dishes that should be tried first.

Discover the dish known as the “National food” of the Scottish people

Scotland does not have many delicacies honored on the world cuisine map, but there is still a name that will surely impress you. Nothing else, it was Haggis. This unique dish is made from special ingredients. Discovering this flavor, you will better understand the culture as well as the culinary tradition here.

Khám phá món dồi được mệnh danh là Quốc ẩm của người Scotland - Ảnh 5.

Dubbed the “National moist” of Scotland, Haggis not only creates a highlight of the appearance but their flavor is also something that people remember forever. Ingredients such as the heart, liver and lungs are finely chopped with onions and spices. A little lamb fat will also be added to create a smooth, fatty aroma for the dish. All of those are be after mixed, will stuff into sheep stomach and tie tightly.

Haggis is cooked by boiling in boiling water for about 3 hours to cook thoroughly. The resulting product is a plump ball and a plump figure. To enjoy, people must use a knife to cut into small slices to make it easier to eat. Comes with Haggis will be indispensable mashed potatoes to create a full meal of true Scottish flavor.

Khám phá món dồi được mệnh danh là "Quốc ẩm" của người Scotland - Ảnh 4.

Haggis is cooked by boiling in boiling water for about 3 hours to cook thoroughly. The results product is a plump ball and a plump figure. To enjoy, people must use a knife to cut into small slices to make it easier to eat. Comes with Haggis will be indispensable mashed potatoes to create a full meal of true Scottish flavor.

It can be said that, although not as special and eye-catching as many other delicious delicacies, Haggis still creates his “unique substance” with sophistication and attractiveness. Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish that is remembered as the national dish of Scotland in the poem Address to a Haggis by Robert Burns in 1787.

Things you probably didn’t know about Indian Culinary Culture

Indian culinary culture has its own unique color characteristics that are not yet known to each of us, so today let’s explore what is special!

India is a country strongly influenced by religion, so Indian culinary culture somewhat fills the flavors of colorful and colorful life. Each dish contains a lot of value, diversity and diversity of presentation.

Experience travel to India you will be completely surprised when the cuisine here has a differentiation between South and North India India. Most of the ingredients for cooking show the national colors, especially the taboos in religion.

Văn hóa ẩm thực Ấn Độ những điều có thể bạn chưa biết

A special feature of Indian culinary culture is that the main food ingredients in the meal are rice and flour. Lentils are a unique and popular food here, which can be immediately seen on the table of every Indian family that appears. India is a country that produces lentils and is also the largest consumer of lentils in the world.

The culinary culture of India must first mention is the seasoning. India produces about 2.5 million tons of spices and exports 200,000 tons each year. This country is praised by the world as a paradise of spices.

The special thing that cannot be missed is that curry is the typical color of Indian culinary culture. With this curry can be processed many dishes, can be used fresh, can be dried or pureed into flour to mix into dishes.

Văn hóa ẩm thực Ấn Độ những điều có thể bạn chưa biết

The special thing about using spices in every dish in India is probably not using independent spices but combining them together into a special kind of mixture. These spices make Indian dishes have a distinctive smell and color. Especially it also works to cure and improve health for Indians.

The characteristic culture of Indian cuisine is curry, which is the name of the world when it comes to India. The mystery in the curry dish attracts many devotees who love food. Curry appears in many Indian dishes including chicken curry, egg curry, vegetable curry.

Discover the diversity of the culinary world in Australia

Australia is also one of the countries with a diverse culinary culture, due to the diversity of people from all over the world. And in the diversity of Australian specialties not many people know about.

Although the kangaroo is on the national badge, the new kangaroo meat has gradually been adopted on the dining table. Kangaroo meat is currently sold in major supermarkets across the country and is not just for pet food. This type of meat is not high in fat, high in protein and Omega 6. Because of its rich nutrition, kangaroo meat is enjoyed by many indigenous people who are interested in health.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Lemon fingers is a lemon with a long slender cylindrical shape like a finger. The taste of these lemons is more intense than the regular lemons. So this would be great if eaten with seafood.

Warrigal vegetables, also known as Australian spinach, are very high in antioxidant. This vegetable is stiffer than other vegetables, but their flavor is more delicious. To eliminate the risk of toxins remaining, you need to boil this vegetable in boiling water for at least 15 seconds.

Macadamia nuts are crunchy, greasy and fleshy, with a very thick hard crust, which makes the strongest clamps sometimes give in. Macamedia oil has a reputation for being healthy, hot, and sweet while its nuts are delicious even when eaten raw or roasted.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Snowberry are the fragile fruits found in the cold and wet forests of the subtropical Tasmanian region. They are crunchy and sweet, and are top Australian cooks. Peter Gilmore of Quay Restaurant in Sydney is particularly fond of and is used in his unique desserts.

Australian forest tomatoes are famous as a typical dish in the desert of Aboriginal communities. They often dry this red fruit to store for a long time. Forest tomatoes originated from the same genus as tomatoes are often grown in semi-desert areas of Australia

What is Tiramisu and what it means

Tiramisu proves attractive in the culinary world. It is not strange, but to know all Tiramisu disability is not everyone is confident. Don’t worry, I’ll help you understand Tiramisu in this article.

Referring to Italy, people will remember the fashion capital, the catwalks of famous stars and countless delicacies. Not only Pizza, Pasta, Italy also delicious Tiramisu causing many people to miss. Tiramisu was voted as one of the most favorite desserts on the menu at cafes, bakeries, restaurants,… Coming here, have you envisioned what Tiramisu is?

tiramisu nguon goc tu y

This is a famous snack in Italy. With a soothing sweetness, a bit of hearty aroma of well-prepared and greasy yellow wine, Tiramisu quickly becomes a dessert that makes diners happy when eating.

In Italian, Tiramisu means “pick up me – take me away”, symbolizing love. Tiramisu is a famous snack in Italy. Tiramisu is considered an extremely romantic dessert because it has a mild sweetness, adding a hint of aroma of carefully brewed wine.

This cake is a harmonious combination of eggs, cheese, cream, coffee, cocoa and Rhum wine. Because the diversity in ingredients has created a special flavor for Tiramisu. Tiramisu is popular not only with diners from all over the world, but also as a “paradise in your mouth” by culinary experts.

For those who love cuisine, especially Italian cuisine, you will know Tiramisu. But the question Tiramisu originated from, why do people make such a delicious cake, the question remains open.

tiramisu mon trang mieng

People still believe that is the origin for this cake. It is said that, when the First World War happened, an Italian woman devoted herself to making Tiramisu cake for her loved one as the boy prepared to go to battle.

With the name “Tiramisu – take me away” which implies a beautiful love, this story has received positive feedback from everyone. Up to now, many people have used Tiramisu to confess their feelings to their loved ones.

Basic wine knowledge for beginners

Wine is a drink given by nature showing elegance and elegance in communication. Especially for business people, who are always busy with business relationships with social gatherings with partners…, wine is an indispensable drink.

Wine is an indispensable drink for business people

The way of enjoying wine will make the partner have a better view of the business owner, evaluate the style, position of the leader, as well as create opportunities for long-term business between This article will help entrepreneurs have basic knowledge about wine as well as how to enjoy, feel about this special water so they can be more confident at the party table.

Wine insights

Wine is extracted from grapes to ferment, or sometimes wine can also be made from some other fruits. The specialty of wine is the fermentation directly from the fruit without distillation. Alcohol concentration usually ranges from 8-18 degrees. Wine is considered a luxurious, nutritious drink that nature offers to humans.

The kinds of wines

Red wine is made from dark-skinned grapes. The skin is removed during fermentation, the same substances as tannins, pigment (anthocyanin) in the shell create the natural color for alcohol. Typically: Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Merlot or Pinot Noir.

White wines are made from a variety of grapes, often with yellow and blue skin. White wines like: Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc or Pinot Gris. This type of wine has a characteristic light concentration, drinks best when made.

Rose wine is made from a dark-skinned grape but has been peeled to give the wine a light color, or a blend of red and white wine. Some types like: White Zinfandel, Grenache, Blush and also drink very well when new.

Carbonated wines such as champagne in the early stages of extraction are similar to other common wines, but this wine also has a second fermentation stage to create a toothpick. Typical types are Champagne, Cava, Cre’mant and Sparkling Brut.

The common, or sparkling, wines are dessert wines like Port, Sherry, Madeira and Eiswein. The sugar content in these wines is quite high.

Fruit wines are extracted from fruits such as peaches, apples and raspberries in combination with grapes.