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Gini’s Restaurant

Oct 13 • 206 Views • No Comments

Gini’s Restaurant is exactly that kind of hidden gem, tucked away restaurant that you hear rave reviews about and yet never take the time to visit. In this case,


Chili Hot Pot

As the leaves change to a burnished orange and the scarves start appearing, the bitter cold wind can only be whispering one thing in your

Oct 6 • 345 Views

Daawat and

When I moved from a small village in England to a large Canadian city at the age of twelve, I was amazed by the prevalence of automated

Sep 2 • 675 Views

What about the wine? What about the wine?

2014-02-15 16.04.47

Winefest 2014

Mar 6 • 374 Views • No Comments

Top picks from Edmonton’s Winefest, Feb. 14-15, 2014 Yes, I know – I’m a little late. I’ve been so engrossed with the pulp (my new pet project),



Serving up delicious espresso-based beverages with local chocolate fixings, charcuterie boards made with a variety of

Jan 2 • 361 Views

2013-11-28 18.41.05

Lamb Loin in a Mushroom Red Wine Sauce

A recipe for tender lamb loin cutlets. Lamb. Many people refuse to eat lamb because they just don’t like the way

Nov 29 • 307 Views